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Electronic Boarding Pass

Fly paperless from the Kiosk! Eligible customers can now receive their Electronic Boarding Pass directly on their mobile device when they check in at an airport kiosk located in any Canadian airport and at the following international stations: London-Heathrow, Geneva, Frankfurt, Zurich and now: Copenhagen, Brussels and Santiago, And more stations will be added soon!

What is an Electronic Boarding Pass?

The next time you check in, enter your E-mail address or mobile phone number to receive an Electronic Boarding Pass on your cell phone or smartphone (including Blackberry and iPhone) on eligible flights.

An Air Canada Electronic Boarding Pass is a 2D barcode image that is sent to your mobile device and contains all of your flight details. It is an electronic version of the Air Canada boarding pass that you receive from our Airport Kiosk or Web Check-in self-service tools.

The Electronic Boarding Pass will enable you to pass through security and board your flight…paper free!

Still prefer a printed boarding pass? Just select that option when you check in online, or visit an Airport Kiosk to print a back-up copy of your boarding pass if ever you need one.

It's easy to use:

Without Baggage:

Step 1:

Check in online, with your mobile device or at an airport kiosk to receive your Electronic Board Pass through E-mail or text (SMS) message.
Step 2:

Proceed directly to security check point.
Step 3:

Access your Electronic Boarding Pass via the link in your E-mail or text (SMS) message and show the barcode with the flight information to the security agent.
Step 4:

Proceed to your gate.
Step 5:

Present your barcode to the gate agent to scan and board your flight.
Step 6:

You may also show the in-flight crew your barcode and flight information in order for them to help you to your seat.
Step 7:

Enjoy your flight!

With Baggage:
  1. Proceed directly to an Air Canada self-tagging kiosk (where available) or to the Baggage Drop-off counter.
  2. Use your Electronic Boarding Pass to retrieve your flight details at the Kiosk or show your E-mail or text (SMS) message (flight details) at the Baggage Drop-off counter.
  3. Obtain your baggage tags (if self-tagging, tag your bags and proceed to Air Canada Baggage Drop-off).
  4. Proceed to security check point.
  5. Display E-mail or text (SMS) message (flight details) to security agent.
  6. Proceed to your gate.
  7. Access your Electronic Boarding Pass via the link in your E-mail or SMS for gate agent to scan to board your flight.
  8. You may also show the in-flight crew your E-mail or text (SMS) message in order for them to help you to your seat.

Who is Eligible for an Electronic Boarding Pass?

  • Bookings with up to four passengers (no infants), with or without checked baggage.
  • Passengers flying on Air Canada, Air Canada rouge or Air Canada Express on one of these eligible routes:
    • Flights within Canada
    • Flights from Canada to an international destination outside the U.S.
    • Flights from New York-LaGuardia (LGA) or San Francisco (SFO) to Canada
    • Flights between Canada and London (UK), Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Brussels and Santiago.

What type of device can I use to access my Electronic Boarding Pass?

You can view your Electronic Boarding Pass from most mobile devices that have an internet browser, internet capabilities and are capable of receiving e-mails or text (SMS) messages. These capabilities are provided through your wireless provider and may cost extra. Please consult your mobile device manual and your wireless service provider for more details.

How can I receive my Electronic Boarding Pass?

1 – By E-mail:

You can now also receive your Electronic Boarding Pass via E-mail. Simply provide your E-mail address during the check-in process and the information will be sent to your inbox. You can then access your Electronic Boarding Pass through your E-mail account on your mobile device. The E-mail will contain the flight information details and a link to your Electronic Boarding Pass:

E-mail (flight details and link) Electronic Boarding Pass

2 – By text (SMS) message:
You can receive your Electronic Boarding Pass via text (SMS) message sent directly to you mobile device. Simply provide your mobile phone number during the check-in process and the required message will be sent to you. The message will contain a link to your Electronic Boarding Pass:

Message 1:
Text message (flight details)
Message 2:
Electronic Boarding Pass

Air Canada Text Message (SMS) Service - Terms and Conditions