Group travel

Planning to travel as a group? Air Canada's experienced group travel specialists are there to help with competitive rates and personalized service.

What is group travel?

You are travelling as a group if you are 10 or more people flying together on the same date to the same destination.

If you are not all flying together our Meetings and Conventions service may be what you need.

Why book as a group?

Booking group travel
All new group booking requests must be made via an accredited IATA travel agent. If you contacted Air Canada about a group quote before March 1, 2015.

Are you an accredited IATA travel agent? Please access Air Canada's Travel Agents Website to book group travel.

Group travel – FAQs

How do I book group travel?

All group travel requests must me made via an accredited IATA travel agent.

What if we're not all flying together?

If the members of your group are not all flying together to your destination, you may be interested in Air Canada's Meetings and Conventions travel service.

Can I book group travel to any destination?

You can book group travel to anywhere we fly. By combining flights operated by many of our partner airlines, we offer you an even more extensive network of possibilities.

Is your group travelling to Cuba? Let our Air Canada Vacations agents help you get there.

Can you help out with special request?

Air Canada's knowledgeable group travel specialists will be happy to help with all of your group's particular needs, from requesting special meals, to safely transporting precious musical instruments, to registering young athletes' sports equipment.

Will all of the members of my group be seated together?

Generic advance seating is completed at time of booking by Air Canada.

Group travel

Air Canada offers competitive rates for groups of 10 or more people travelling together to their destination on the same dates, same last outbound flight of their itinerary and paying with a single credit card.

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Meetings and Conventions

Air Canada offers discounted travel and other valuable benefits to groups of 10 or more travelling from various origins to the same destination regardless of the number of credit cards.

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