Bereavement fares

If you need to fly at the last minute in the event of a death or imminent death in your immediate family, Air Canada will provide reduced bereavement fares* on select itineraries.

About our bereavement policy

The policy applies to:

  • Flights marketed and operated by Air Canada, Air Canada rouge and Air Canada Express
  • Round-trip and select one-way bookings for international travel
  • One-way bookings for travel within North America.**

The policy does not apply to:

Your bereavement travel within North America:

  • Must take place within ten (10) days of booking. **

Your international bereavement travel:

  • Must take place within seven (7) days of booking,
  • Must not exceed thirty (30) days.

Please note that our bereavement/compassionate travel policy provides for fixed discounts off specific, unrestricted, full fares, or the waiving of specific terms and conditions on many Air Canada markets, and that no other discount may be applied.

In many instances, a lower-priced fare may be found by shopping online at Bereavement fares are intended to provide maximum flexibility for passengers who must travel during a time of family emergency but are not necessarily the lowest fares available.

*Applies to all booking classes within North America and to M and H Economy Class booking codes for international travel. Not available for International Business Class or international travel in Premium Economy Class.
** Travel within North America: If your departure and return dates are more than 10 days apart, we’ll book your one-way ticket to your destination and ask you to call us back when you’re ready to book your return.

How to obtain bereavement fares:

Prior to travel:

By phone:
Please call Air Canada Reservations. You will need to provide the following information:

  • the name of the family member,
  • the telephone number and address of:
    • the hospital and attending physician, or
    • the funeral home, along with the date of the funeral.

When calling, please give the Air Canada Agent the reference number CIC*160/33, or ACP #671717.

At the airport:
At the airport ticket counter before the flight, you will need to present a copy of the death certificate or a letter from the attending physician or hospital clearly defining the imminent death of the family member.

After travel:

After-travel refunds are not available for North America itineraries; they apply only to select international itineraries that are eligible for bereavement fares. For full details, please call Air Canada Reservations.

To apply for a refund for bereavement travel, please submit the original boarding pass(es) and original passenger ticket(s) and one of the following:

  • a copy of the death certificate,
  • the Funeral Director's Statement of Death,
  • a letter from the attending physician or hospital (original or copy).

Refund applications must be made within 90 days of bereavement; you can make your application in person at any Air Canada or Jazz ticket counter, or by mail to:
Air Canada, Refund Services
P.O. Box 6475,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 3V2

Definition of immediate family

Immediate family includes:
Spouse (includes common law as well as same sex partners),
Child (includes adopted / step / grand / great grand),
Parent (includes step / grand / great grand / in-law / common law in-law),
Daughter, son, father, mother (includes legal / in-law / common law in-law),
Brother, sister (includes step / half / in-law / common law in-law),
Legal guardian (with proof of judgement) and spouse of legal guardian.

All above include in-laws of same sex partner.