From the U.S. to Canada - connecting through Toronto

Boarding Gates: D1 to D57

Please ensure your Canada Customs Declaration Card is completed prior to deplaning.

You need to claim your checked baggage, unless you are arriving from the U.S., or from certain international destinations.

  1. Follow signage to D gates.
  2. Take the escalator down to Canada Immigration.
    Take the escalator down to the baggage hall and clear Canada customs.
    Exit the customs hall and turn immediately left.
    Drop off any checked baggage at the Air Canada connections desk.
    Turn left and take the elevator on your left-hand side up one level to level 2.
    Exit the elevator, turn left, go straight, turn left and proceed straight to security.
  3. Go to your departure gate

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Download the printable "Getting Around" [PDF] brochure which contains directions for all types of connections within this airport.