From Canada to the U.S. – connecting through Toronto

Gates: F36-F73, F78-F98

Follow overhead signs to 'F' gates

Please note that your bags will be automatically transferred to your connecting flight.

Take the escalator up to level 3.
Follow overhead sign to 'F' gates.
Enter doorway to U.S. connection hall by Aisle G and proceed to the nearest available kiosk. Scan your boarding card at the kiosk and follow instructions displayed on the screen.
Prior to entering the U.S. Customs and Immigration hall, please make sure all applicable forms have been completed, and that you have all required documents in hand.
Proceed to U.S. Customs and Immigration, and then continue through Security to your departure gate.

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Download the printable "Getting Around" [PDF] brochure which contains directions for all types of connections within this airport.