What's New!

More Preferred seats, more legroom

Do you find yourself looking for a little extra space when you fly? Then you probably already know that our Preferred seats offer more legroom to stretch out, relax and work in comfort. And because they're typically located at the front of the cabin, they also allow you to deplane and go on your way faster.

What's new is that, for a small fee, you can now purchase a Preferred seat for as many or as few individual flights in your itinerary as you choose. And that adds up to more flexibility for you, the traveller.

We've also made a few minor changes to the way complimentary Preferred seating is assigned to eligible customers.

So take a minute to find out more about these latest enhancements before you choose your seat for your next flight. And make sure to look for the new distinctive Preferred seat logo visible on headrests on many of our aircraft.

At the same time we have made changes to our Tango advanced seat selection

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