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New 'Add to calendar' feature

Now, when you book a flight on aircanada.com, you can add your itinerary and booking details to your favourite calendar software. Our system is compatible with the following applications:

  • Google Calendar
  • Yahoo! Calendar
  • Windows Live Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • iCal
  • And any other calendar which supports .ics files

You'll find the 'Add to calendar' link:

  • On the flight confirmation page: this allows you to add your itinerary details to your calendar as soon as you complete your booking.
  • Within the 'Manage my Bookings' tab: use this option to add an existing booking to your calendar.

Just remember that, if you decide to make changes to your booking after it's been added to your calendar, you'll need to remove the old entry from your personal planner, then use the 'Add to calendar' feature in the 'Manage My Bookings' tab to create an updated calendar event.

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