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New Flight Pass features to enhance your travel experience

Our Flight Pass customers are sure to appreciate the greater convenience and ease of use offered by five new and enhanced Flight Pass features.

If you’ve purchased a multi-passenger Flight Pass, you can now:

  • Replace an eligible traveller with another on your traveller list (for a fee).
  • Transfer an entire list of eligible travellers from one active Flight Pass to a newly purchased one, so you no longer need to enter names individually.

And with most of our Flight Pass products, you can now:

  • Assign a unique name to your Flight Pass to identify it easily.
  • Extend your Flight Pass validity period: Thirty days before your eligible* Flight Pass expires, we’ll send you an email offering you the option to extend your Flight Pass for an additional three months (for a fee). Just make sure to request your extension before your Flight Pass expires.

of our Flight Passes, or sign in to access your Flight Pass account and select one or more of our new enhanced features.

*The Flight Pass extension option does not apply to unlimited, promotional or contest passes, or passes that are to be used within a set travel period.

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