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December 3, 2013
Please note that our Executive First and Executive Class fares have been rebranded respectively as International Business Class and North America and Caribbean Business Class.

Priority Services Extended

Now, when you travel with Air Canada in Executive or Executive First class, you will have access to an even greater selection of priority services designed to get you through the airport faster. Several Priority Services are also available to Air Canada Super Elite, Elite and Star Alliance Gold members.

Priority Security Clearance

Executive and Executive First class passengers can go through Priority Security Screening with minimum waiting time using the priority lane currently offered at several domestic airports, including Ottawa and Toronto Pearson International, as well as some US and international destinations.

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Priority Boarding

Priority Boarding has been extended to North American flights from Canada and the United-States offering Executive class. The service provides the luxury of boarding first during the Priority Boarding call, or at you leisure via an expedited priority lane, even once Economy boarding has begun. Hence, no more waiting in line.

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