Historical Fleet
Mc Donnell Douglas DC-9-32 (D9S)

The Canadian transcontinental and Montreal-New York routes were enhanced with the introduction of the DC-9's in April 1966. 

Over the past 45 years, modifications were made to existing aircraft, and new technologically updated DC-9 models were introduced. The most distinctive feature of the DC-9 is the high-level horizontal stabilizer mounted at the top of the rudder assembly to accommodate the installation of the Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines on either side of the aft fuselage. 

Air Canada’s last scheduled DC-9 passenger flight was operated with Fin number 711 from La Guardia to Montreal on January 18, 2002.

Technical characteristics
Timetable code D9S
Period of use 1966 - 2002
Manufacturer McDonnell Douglas
Engines JT8D-7B
Seats (typical) 91
Cargo capacity 3,410 lbs (1 547 kilos)
Fuel capacity 4,260 usg (16 126 l.)
Overall length 119.3 feet (36,3 m.)
Wing span 93.3 feet (28,4 m.)
Top of fin from ground 27.5 feet (8,4 m.)
Cruise speed 490 mph (789 km/h)
Range (full passengers) 1,265 miles (2 036 km)
Cruise altitude (typical) 33,000 feet (10 058 m.)