Historical Fleet
Boeing 737-200 (737)

Most 737 aircraft are equipped with onboard phones. All 737s are equipped with inflight entertainment systems and also have power to the seat for laptop usage.
The 737-200 contains 24,268 kg (53,500 pounds) of aluminum.

It's the only jet airliner operating daily from an 1,100-metre (3,609 foot) runway - in all kinds of weather.

The surface area of the 737 wing is 604 square metres (6,500 square feet) - more than three times the floor area of an average U.S. home.

A fully loaded 737 can climb at 822 metres (2,895 feet) per minute - faster than elevators in the world's tallest building.

The 737 landing gear weights 1,564 kg (3,450 pounds) - as much as a compact car.

The 737 was the first jet airliner with fully automatic braking system.

Technical characteristics
Timetable code 737
Period of use 1976 - 2004
Manufacturer Boeing
Number of aircraft 44
Engines JT8D-9 & JT8D-1
Seats (typical) 100
Cargo capacity
Fuel capacity
Overall length 100 feet, 2 inches (30,5 m.)
Wing span 93 feet (28,3 m.)
Top of fin from ground
Cruise speed 504 mph (840 km/h)
Range (full passengers)
Cruise altitude (typical) 33,000 feet (10,058 m.)