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Kids Horizons June 2010

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Haïti relief efforts

Air Canada employees have been very active in organizing many fundraising activities to help the people of Haiti since the earthquake hit in January 2010.

Numerous relief flights have been organized to bring back refugees, to bring back children that had been adopted by Canadian families and to deliver food and supplies much needed.

The Community Investments' team has also been raising money to help organize a reconstruction project with the support of its employees. This project is two-fold. First, to help our colleagues in Haiti and the second, to actively participate in a reconstruction project for a school or an orphanage. Taking care of children and ensure their well-being is an integral part of who we are.

Our latest initiative was called "Dress a child". We asked Air Canada employee to dress a child from top to bottom. Our goal was to gather enough clothes to dress the entire orphanage of 500 children. Well, the generosity of our employees was so overwhelming that we not only dressed the children of the Centre Le Carrefour Orphanage but we sent clothing for more than 1500 kids and dressing children from three orphanages.


  • Air Canada, through the Kids' Horizons program, support Dreams Take Flight by providing 9 aircraft to the charity to support their magical day in Disney. Air Canada also provided promotional tickets to help them in their fundraising initiative.
  • 6.3 million of Aeroplan miles were donated to Kids' Horizons in 2009;
  • 11 million of Aeroplan miles were transferred to pediatric hospitals across Canada for the Hospital Transportation Program helping sick children reach medical facilities
  • The Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP) was created to recognize and promote the involvement of Air Canada employees in our communities. More than 160 promotional tickets were donated to charities to support fundraisers with that initiative.
  • 1970 promotional tickets were donated to charities helping them in their fundraising initiatives;
  • Air Canada, through the Kids' Horizons program, sponsored more than 450 charities across Canada.
  • With Air Canada change collection program called The Every Bit Counts program, we have raised more than $130,500 with currency donated on Air Canada flight or using globes locatedin some Canadian airports and Maple Leaf Lounges. All proceeds generated from this initiative are donated to the Children's Miracle Network hospitals for the benefit of children's hospitals across Canada
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