About your checked baggage

About your checked baggage

Baggage allowance

Use our checked baggage allowance calculator to determine your checked baggage allowance and the additional charges if you go over the allowance.

Packing tips

Do not wrap bungee cords, ties or straps around baggage.
Remove all old airline tags from your luggage.
Attach identification tags to the inside and outside of the bag, noting your destination as well as home address and relevant contact information.

Keep medication and valuables such as cameras, jewellery, electronics and cash with you; do not pack these items in your checked baggage.
Some items that seem harmless may become dangerous on an aircraft and cannot be placed in your checked or carry-on baggage.

Dangerous camping or sports items: Note that all camping fuels (e.g. propane), matches and lighters are prohibited on board aircraft, as are all other dangerous products listed on the restricted and prohibited items page.

Delayed baggage

If your checked baggage does not arrive with you, you will need to notify Air Canada Baggage Services at the airport. To follow up, contact the Air Canada Central Baggage Office at +33 1 84 03 02 48 for residents of France and at (41) 043 813 2408 or 043 812 8771 for residents of Switzerland.

Lost baggage

To declare lost baggage, fill out our Lost Baggage Declaration. To better serve you, we have made this form available in an electronic version. To view the form, you must have Adobe Reader.

Lost Baggage DeclarationOpen PDF file (PDF file)

Fill out and return this form within 21 days to:

For residents of France and Switzerland:

TSA 21234

We will do everything possible to find your delayed baggage. We trust that our combined efforts will bring a favourable solution.

Damaged baggage

For damaged baggage declared outside of Paris Charles-de-Gaulle or Zurich but not repaired or replaced, contact Air Canada Baggage Claims at + 33 01 84 20 42 26 for residents of France or (41) 043 812 8771 for residents of Switzerland.

For delayed baggage, send the original receipts for the basic necessities you purchased with your file number within 21 days to:

TSA 21234

Lost items

For any personal items lost on board, contact us in France at 0 825 882 900 (Indigo number: 0.15 Euro/min after tax) or in Switzerland at 043 813 2408.

In North America, you can reach our Lost and Found office at 1-888-689-2247 (from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. daily)

For items lost at the airport, consult the website of the applicable airport.