is your portal to Air Canada's mobile world! All of our Mobile Services are available at your fingertips when you access with your Internet-enabled mobile device.

How can I access

Simply type in your Internet-enabled mobile device's Web browser. For future access, we recommend that you bookmark directly on your mobile device. As each device is different, please consult your device's documentation or contact your wireless carrier for assistance in setting up bookmarks.

What type of device can I use to access

You can access from most mobile devices that have an internet browser and internet capabilities. These capabilities are provided through your wireless provider and may cost extra. Please consult your mobile device manual and your wireless service provider for more details.

What services can I access at

You can access the following services on your Internet-enabled mobile phone at

Air Canada mobile+ Click to expand and see more details

Experience the convenience of Air Canada mobile+, a service that stores your contact information, preferences and payment details in a secure environment, thus allowing you to pay for several Air Canada services directly from your mobile device.

Learn more about Air Canada mobile+

Check-In Click to expand and see more details

Check in to your Air Canada flights from wherever you are! Simply visit and select the Check-in option. You can receive your Electronic Boarding Pass directly to your mobile device or confirm your check in to secure your seat on the plane.

Learn more about Mobile Check-in

Flight Status Click to expand and see more details

Access real time departure and arrival information for all Air Canada flights and Air Canada Express flights operated by Jazz.

Access Flight Status

Flight Notification Click to expand and see more details

Register to receive notifications if your flight's departure or arrival time has been delayed or changed. Notifications can be sent directly to your text-messaging-enabled phone or to your e-mail address.

Learn more about Flight Notification
Access Flight Notification

Timetable Click to expand and see more details

Check flight schedules anywhere Air Canada flies at your fingertips.

Information & Services Click to expand and see more details

Learn more about information and services related to Air Canada.

Need to contact us? Access this list of helpful Air Canada contact numbers. Numbers are provided for Reservations (Canada/US), Baggage Services, Group Reservations and Convention Reservations. Simply select one of these options and press "Call" to connect with the corresponding Call Centre, Select "Main" to return to the Air Canada Main Menu.

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