Customers with special needsSpecial seating

View specific special seating information as it applies to itineraries between Canada and the United States.

Extra seating

For travel within Canada, customers who require extra seating because they are disabled by obesity or because they must accommodate another disability may request the service free of charge on:

To request extra seating at no extra charge, medical approval is required:

Extra seating is not available:

View our Fleet page for more information on Air Canada and Air Canada Express aircraft configuration.

More about extra seating

Customers who are not eligible for a free extra seat have the option to purchase one for comfort by contacting Air Canada Reservations.

No advance seat selection is permitted when requesting extra seating. Seats are assigned manually in advance of flight by the Air Canada Medical Services desk with the purpose of accommodating your disability.

When requesting an extra seat, a single reservation and ticket are required in the name of the person travelling. Duplicate bookings under the same name are not permitted, nor are identical bookings made under different names or pseudonyms.

Special seating

By contacting Air Canada Reservations, you can request a special seat offering, for example:

View our fleet page for more information on special seating, per aircraft type, on Air Canada, Air Canada rouge and Air Canada Express.

Advance notice for special seating

Although no medical approval is required, you must provide at least 48 hours' advance notice (72 hours for certain destinations) when requesting special seating. Note that Air Canada will make every reasonable effort to provide seating accommodation to persons with disabilities when special seating is requested within 48 hours of departure.

View specific information for itineraries between Canada and the United States.

If you did not pre-select your seat when you made your reservation, but require special seating accommodations, please contact Air Canada Reservations.

Codeshare flights or flights with other airlines

If you are flying on a flight operated by another carrier on a codeshare or interline basis, Air Canada cannot guarantee special or extra seating. Please contact either the operating carrier directly, or Air Canada Reservations, who will make every reasonable effort to fulfill your special seating needs.

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