Tracking delayed baggage with WorldTracer

Along with more than 350 airlines and ground handlers around the world, Air Canada and Jazz use an automated baggage tracing system called WorldTracer to locate delayed baggage.

How to use WorldTracer:

  • Turn off any pop-up blocking software you may have before visiting WorldTracer.
  • Enter the passenger last name as well as the File Reference Number associated with your incident report.
  • Provide specific details on items you have packed, such as colors, sizes, brand names, logos and unique identifying items (e.g. souvenirs, gifts, book titles). This will greatly increase our ability to locate your property.
  • Make sure your contact information (email, phone) is up to date, so that we can reach you if we have further questions regarding your missing baggage.

The WorldTracer system will allow you to add, change or delete information on your file (e.g. type of suitcase(s), colour and identifying marks). Please note, however, that we are unable to respond individually to your comments.

WorldTracer status

WorldTracer has several statuses, as described below, which can help you determine which stage of the recovery process your bag has achieved.
  • Tracing continues Please check later. This status indicates that ground personnel and agents are currently working on locating your baggage.
  • Item located Airline confirming. This status indicates that ground personnel have located your baggage and are awaiting confirmation information.
  • Forwarding to Delivery Airport - This status indicates that ground personnel and agents have located your baggage and are in the process of forwarding it to its final destination.
  • Received at airport Delivery process initiated. This is the final status in WorldTracer which indicates that the bag has been received at its destination and that the airport agents have closed the file and are arranging ground transport for delivery.