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Earphones: The choice is yours

Bring along your favourite pair of earphones…

Did you know that, every year, Air Canada disposes of millions of used earphones?

As an environmentally-conscious consumer, you can help significantly reduce waste by bringing along your favourite audio headset the next time you fly.

Most of our aircraft are fitted with single-prong outlets that accept personal earphones, and we provide complimentary adaptors onboard all aircraft still equipped with dual-prong outlets.

Or purchase a pair from us...!


You now have the option to purchase a high quality pair of earphones for only $3.25 CAD/USD when you travel Economy Class on all Air Canada and Air Canada Express (operated by Jazz only) flights in North America, and to/from the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii.

Just remember that Air Canada flights and Air Canada Express flights operated by Jazz have transitioned to credit card only cabins.

Now only Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted for payment of Onboard Café purchases (including earphones).

The earphones are offered free of charge to unaccompanied minors and to passengers on international flights*.

Our new earphones provide superior sound quality, thus allowing you to get the most out of your in-flight entertainment experience. If you decide to purchase Air Canada's new earphones, take them home with you after your flight and enjoy them with your personal music player. Just remember to bring them with you the next time you fly with us.

Whichever way you decide to play it, you'll be working with Air Canada to reduce waste and contribute to a cleaner environment!

* On international flights operated by Air Canada rouge, earphones are available for a nominal fee.

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