Air Canada eUpgrades

Air Canada eUpgrades have been designed with travel agents in mind, too.
Read important eUpgrade information for travel agents.

The benefit you've been waiting for has arrived Air Canada upgrades are now electronic.

No more waiting to receive certificates in the mail, or worrying about forgetting them at home. Your eUpgrade Credits are deposited directly to your eUpgrade account soon after you qualify for them, giving you access to them at all times through

eUpgrade Credits allow you to enjoy the comfort of our Executive cabin, especially if you're travelling on an intercontinental flight featuring our Executive First Suites, which are complete with lie-flat beds, multi-course meal service and personal touch-screen TVs with hundreds of hours of on-demand entertainment.

Here's what you need to know:
  • eUpgrades are based on credits. Unlike paper certificates which can only be applied to an entire one-way itinerary on a specific route, eUpgrade Credits can be used for any Air Canada or Jazz itinerary or flight segment across our network.
  • eUpgrade Credits can be shared. Depending on your Air Canada Top Tier status, you can designate eUpgrade Nominees whom you can then upgrade with your credits, even when you are not travelling with them.
  • eUpgrades can be requested online. Regardless of where you complete your booking, whether online, with a travel agent, or elsewhere, you can make upgrade requests and view your eUpgrade transaction history at
  • eUpgrade waitlist requests are carried through until flight departure. If your waitlisted upgrade request does not clear before you check in, it is automatically transferred to the airport upgrade standby list for clearance at the gate.
  • eUpgrade Credits are valid for travel on or after March 1, 2011. For launch this year, upgrade requests using eUpgrade Credits will only be valid for travel on or after March 1, 2011. But you can request an upgrade as soon as the credits appear in your account.

If you have your client's booking reference handy, you can request an upgrade on their behalf for an eligible itinerary by accessing the eUpgrades tool.

To learn more about eUpgrades, visit the consumer website: