eUpgrades to Share

eUpgrade Travel Companions

You can use your eUpgrade Credits to request an upgrade:

  • for yourself and
  • for a Travel Companion who is travelling on the same reservation with you.
  • for a Travel Companion who is travelling on the same flight as you and not necessarily on the same reservation. These requests must be completed at the airport on the day of departure.

eUpgrade Nominees

Super Elite 100K members are able to share eUpgrade Credits with other travellers, known as eUpgrade Nominees, even when they are not travelling with them.

  • Super Elite 100K members are entitled to one (1) eUpgrade Nominee per benefit year.
  • Nominees must be Aeroplan members.
  • An Aeroplan member, regardless of their Air Canada Altitude status, can only be identified as an eUpgrade Nominee by one Super Elite 100K member.

Selecting eUpgrade Nominees

To select your Nominee, simply:

You will be asked to provide your Nominee’s name and Aeroplan Number. This information will be used to authenticate them as eligible nominees when you request an upgrade for them.

Once you have completed your list of eUpgrade Nominees, you will not be able to change it. However, you will be able to deactivate a nominee if you no longer wish for them to use your eUpgrade Credits, and reactivate them if you change your mind later. Please note that deactivating an eUpgrade Nominee does not enable you to change your nominee.

If an eUpgrade Nominee is not currently an Aeroplan Member, they can visit to create an account.

Validity of your list of eUpgrade Nominees

eUpgrade Nominee lists are valid through to the end of the benefit year. The 2015 Air Canada Altitude benefit year runs through to February 29th, 2016.

You can request upgrades for the nominee appearing on your list expiring February 29th, 2016 until that date (inclusively), regardless of when travel actually takes place, so long as you have valid eUpgrade Credits in your account and are within your booking window.

Please note that eUpgrade Nominee lists will be valid throughout the benefit year, and will be refreshed on March 1st of every year.

Requesting upgrades for your eUpgrade Nominees

As an eUpgrade account owner, you will always be responsible for requesting an upgrade for your eUpgrade Nominee. Your eUpgrade Nominee cannot request upgrades using your eUpgrade Credits.

The eUpgrade eligibility criteria that apply to your Super Elite 100K status will be the same for your eUpgrade Nominee. Note, however, for upgrade clearance from the reservation waitlist and the airport standby list, the nominee’s own Air Canada Altitude status will apply.

Make sure you complete your request ahead of your nominee's travel date while remaining within your applicable booking window. We also strongly recommend that you complete the request:

To request an upgrade at the airport for an eUpgrade Nominee, you as the account holder will need to be present at time of check-in.

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