Apply for Support

How to apply for support

Each year, Air Canada, including Air Canada Express (operated by Jazz only), receives thousands of requests for support. In order to streamline the process and accelerate our response time, we have implemented a mandatory online application system for all donation requests by community organizations like yours.

If after reviewing our charitable focus in our In The Community - Overview page you are satisfied that your organization meets our criteria, please apply online. Our easy-to-use online form guides you through the application process asking the information we need to properly consider your request.

Kindly submit your request at least three months before the start-up of activities related to your event or project.

Excess Baggage Waivers

All requests for excess baggage waivers must be submitted online at at least 15 days prior to travel. You will be contacted via email once a decision has been rendered. Last minute requests will automatically be declined.


  • Only travel on Air Canada flights will be considered
  • Baggage must meet standard size and weight restrictions

Information requested:

  • Reservation number
  • Confirmation that booking has been ticketed
  • Date of travel
  • Routing
  • Shipment details (exact content, weight, dimension, number of bags)
  • Coordinates of charitable organization receiving goods (name, address, contact)

The online application process applies to all requests of our In The Community program: whether you are a charity requesting support under the Air Canada Foundation or a non-profit organization seeking support for an economic development event or project, please apply as follows.

Four simple steps to submitting a request for community support to Air Canada:

  1. Step One – Does your request fit our Community focus on children or economic development?
  2. Step Two – Does your organization qualify? Review our program exclusions.
  3. Step Three – Instructions for completing your online application form.
  4. Step Four – Complete the application form and submit.