Updated travel guidelines

A useful step-by-step guide for preparing for travel

Our network is expanding again, but some service changes and travel restrictions will remain in place. As part of our new end-to-end health and safety program, Air Canada CleanCare+, some of our processes have changed. Prepare for your next trip and learn what to expect with this step-by-step guide designed to simplify your travels.

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Check your eligibility

See if you're eligible to travel and follow the government requirements for your destination, which may include completing mandatory entry forms prior to departure. Passengers providing false or misleading information may be liable to a monetary penalty.

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Packing for your trip

If you are planning on checking in bags, ensure you follow the guidelines and maximize each checked bag, as a minimum cabin baggage allowance will be enforced.

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Checking in

Our check-in process has changed to better protect you, by minimizing contact.

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At the airport

Extra precautions will be taken throughout your journey and some airport service offerings may be temporarily adjusted. It is important to arrive well in advance of your flight. See recommended arrival times.

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Our boarding process has changed to ensure appropriate distancing and minimize contact.

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We have adjusted our onboard service to minimize touchpoints between our employees and customers.

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Deplaning and collecting your bags

Help us maintain distancing by following the deplaning announcements, and minimizing the number of travellers and time spent at the baggage carousel.


Check-in will proceed as follows:

Advance self-service check-in

You should always check-in remotely via the Air Canada Mobile App or online at aircanada.com. You will need to indicate the exact number of checked bags and ensure you pay for all fees (e.g. excess baggage) to avoid any transactions and additional wait time at the airport. If you need to make changes once you’ve finished packing or while at the airport, you can always modify the number of checked bags via the Air Canada Mobile App or at aircanada.com.

For international travel, please ensure that your passport information is entered accurately.

Self-service zone in select airports*

One customer per travel party will enter a self-service zone with automated kiosks, with separate and designated waiting areas respecting physical distancing. Gloves will be provided for those that need to touch the kiosk screens.

We’d like to remind you that maintaining your distance from others is essential throughout all stages of your journey and will be supported during check-in.

*Available at airports in the following cities: Toronto (Pearson), Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary.

TouchFree Bag Check at select airports*

You can check your bags in a completely touchless way when travelling within Canada or internationally. Look for signs for TouchFree Bag Check.

bag drop
  1. Check-in for your flight via the Air Canada Mobile App or at aircanada.com and get your boarding pass in advance.
  2. Indicate the exact number of bags you need to check-in and pay applicable fees in advance.
  3. At the airport, proceed to dedicated TouchFree Bag Check kiosks and:
    • Scan your mobile boarding pass
    • Print your bag tags and attach
  4. Proceed to TouchFree Bag Drop. Drop your bags off while following the indicated flow of movement.

*Available at airports in the following cities: Toronto (Pearson), Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Ottawa, and other select Canadian airports.

Carry-on baggage: touchless verification and enforcement

In order to facilitate the boarding process and limit the need for physical interactions at the departure gate and on board, all customers will be required to comply with verification measures pre-security, or at the gate.

New technologies will be introduced at select airports* to automatically size and measure carry-on baggage for compliance, making the carry-on baggage policy verification process touchless.

*In the following cities: Toronto (Pearson), Montreal, and Ottawa.

Safety measures at all airports

At all airports, Air Canada maintains the following measures:

  • Mandatory hand sanitizing prior to entering any self-service zone or check-in area
  • Physical distancing
  • Dedicated Bag Drop counters for those that have completed self-service check-in
  • Stringent cleaning standards

Virtual queuing

  • A virtual queuing system will be introduced at select Customer Service Desks within Canadian airports, which will significantly reduce line ups to facilitate physical distancing. How it works:
    1. Scan the QR code displayed at entry of queue
    2. A virtual ticket will get dispatched to your smart phone
  • You’ll receive a notification to proceed to the counter for assistance


At the airport

To account for enhanced safety measures at the airport, it is important to arrive well in advance of your flight. See recommended arrival times.

Extra precautions will be taken at the airport:

  • Face coverings will be mandatory throughout your entire journey. Masks will be available on demand in airports and on board.
  • Health questions must be answered at check-in, the boarding gate, or both.
  • Infrared temperature checks will be taken at the airport, either by Air Canada employees or a third party.
    • Customers must have a maximum temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius to be permitted on board, except for flights to/from China where the maximum temperature is 37.3 degrees Celsius.
  • All payments at the airport and on board will be cashless unless prohibited by law.
  • Some of our lounges may be temporarily closed. For a complete list of closures, See the complete list of closures.



Customers must remain seated until their boarding zone is called and will be required to scan their own boarding pass. Boarding gates will close 30 minutes prior to departure to ensure a more secure boarding process.

The following is the new order for boarding:

  1. Customers who have requested wheelchair assistance or who self-identify as having a disability and need more time to board.
  2. Zones 1 and 2 (may also board at any time).
  3. Families with children under the age of 6, or those travelling with musical instruments (may also board when their zone is called).
  4. Zones 3 to 8, from back-to-front, window-middle-aisle.

Additional distancing measures will include:

  • Gates in proximity will be assigned limited flights for greater distancing while boarding.
  • If bus operations are required, the number of buses will be increased to ensure appropriate distancing.


Onboard service adjustments

Starting in late July, we will be enhancing our onboard service.

Along with the implementation of Air Canada CleanCare+, these onboard services have been changed:

  • Cabin grooming standards have been augmented.
  • HEPA filtration systems capture 99.9% of airborne particles and continually refresh cabin air.
  • Complimentary Customer Care Kits will be provided and include a 30 ml hand sanitizer, 2 antiseptic wipes, a mask, gloves, a headset, a water bottle, and a snack, all in a bag that doubles as a disposable waste bag.
  • Amenity kits and sanitized sleep amenities (pillows, blankets, duvets and mattress pads) will be provided.
  • In addition to the two antiseptic wipes provided in your Customer Care Kit, additional wipes will be provided with meals and in all lavatories.
  • Learn about the complete Air Canada CleanCare+ program.

To facilitate distancing and minimize contact between employees and passengers, meal service is altered in the following way:

  • Bar service will be combined with meal service and will include bottled alcoholic beverages, a full selection of soft drinks, Perrier, coffee and black tea. Drinks will be available on demand between meal services.
  • Meal boxes with be served in Business Class on all flights over two hours.
  • Meal boxes will be served in all cabins on all international flights.
  • Menus can be accessed electronically via the Air Canada Mobile App and website, and a small menu card will be included within each meal box.
  • Flights departing from Canada will enjoy an all-inclusive meal box crafted by one of our culinary partners. All meal items are packaged together in a meal box and served in single use products. Learn more about our enhanced service offering.
  • No special meals will be available except for Kosher meals between Toronto Pearson and Tel Aviv (must be reserved at least 24 hours before travel).
  • Our Bistro menu is temporarily unavailable, but customers will be offered the best-seller items from our Bistro menu.
  • Duty Free service has been suspended.


Deplaning and baggage

The deplaning process and baggage pick-up process will be as follows:

  • Onboard announcements will be made to ask customers to maintain distancing while deplaning.
  • Carousels used will be adjusted to increase distance.
  • Baggage will be spaced out upon delivery.
  • Only one customer per travel party should approach the carousel to collect baggage.