AC Cool Chain

Filling Out the Time and Temperature Sensitive Label

Full instructions for filling out the Time and Temperature Sensitive label can be found on IATA's website:

In addition, please read the following instructions when booking AC Pharmacair or AC Absolute° shipments:

  • Shipper's Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the shipper (or designated shipper's agent by service agreement) to ensure the label is applied properly for time and temperature sensitive healthcare cargo shipments booked as AC Pharmacair and AC Absolute°.

  • Key Booking Information: The initial booking is the key step to successful cargo transportation and will trigger the specific and/or appropriate handling and operational processes associated to healthcare transport and/or logistics. Please review this information prior to booking a time and temperature sensitive healthcare shipment:
    • As the label supports the booking, the transportation temperature range specified on the label must match the transportation temperature range stated on the Air Waybill.
    • In the event that the shipper fails to complete the lower half of the label or in case of discrepancy, the transportation temperature indicated on the Air Waybill prevails.
    • A 24-hour emergency contact name and telephone number(s) must be provided at the time of booking and on the Air Waybill. This person may be contacted in the event of a significant delay or disruption to the shipment that could impact on the viability of the contents.

  • Use of the label:
    • The lower half of the label must never be left blank.
    • The temperature range must be indicated in Celsius.
    • The temperature indicated on the lower half of the label must match the approved transportation temperature range, (e.g. +15ºC to +25ºC) and must match the transportation temperature range stated on the Air Waybill.
    • The temperature range indicated on the label reflects the temperature external to the package allowed during transportation and distribution and not the actual product (internal) temperature.
    • The label must not contain any other information then the temperature range.
    • The label should be placed on at least one side of the outermost means of conveyance (for example, the Active ULD, overpack, pallet or box).
    • The label may be incorporated into the IATA ULD label or tag already in use by carriers or container manufacturers.

Examples of a completed label.

+2°C to +8°C +15°C to +30°C


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Please note:

  • Exposures to temperatures outside of that range can and will occur during normal air cargo operations and sufficient protection must be provided by the shipper to mitigate those risks
  • If a shipment is tendered to Air Canada without this label, Air Canada will gladly affix the label to the shipment, however, please be aware that the availability of the label is not guaranteed at an Air Canada station and may result in shipment delay.