AC Live

Shipper's Responsibility

Any person that makes a booking to ship an animal with Air Canada Cargo is considered the shipper and must take certain steps to ensure proper transport and care for the animal.

Route and Booking

  • Finalize the route prior to booking.
  • Provide a 24-hour phone number that the carrier can call to obtain instructions from the shipper in the event of an unexpected change of plan.
  • Advise the receiving party (consignee) of flight details in order to arrange for immediate retrieval upon arrival at destination.

About the Animal

In addition to complying with all national, carrier and IATA regulations, as applicable, the shipper is also responsible for providing or complying with the following.

Animal Health

Only animals, which appear to be in good health and condition and fit to travel to the final destination, should be tendered for carriage by air. The shipper is required to declare when animals are pregnant, or have given birth in the last 48 hours. Mammals which are declared to be pregnant will not be tendered for transport unless accompanied by a veterinary certificate certifying that the animal is fit to travel and there is no risk of birth occurring during the journey.

Please consult the Documents Required section for more information.

Identification of the Animal

  • If applicable, clearly indicate the animal's given name on the outside of the kennel or container.

Feeding and Special Instructions

  • Identify any special care required upon making the booking.
  • Attach a label with feeding and watering instructions, and indicate the date and time the animal was last fed and given water.
  • Obtain all required documents and information needed for the completion of the Shipper's Certification for Live Animals.
  • Advise the carrier if an animal is pregnant or has given birth in the last 48 hours.
  • Provide a record of any medication given (i.e. type of drug, dosage, time given and route). This information must accompany all other documents.


Ensure that containers or kennels provided conform to Air Canada Cargo's regulations and/or IATA's Live Animals Regulations.