AC Live

Rates and charges

All charges for the shipment of live animals are based on:

  • The origin and destination of the shipment
  • The type of animal being shipped
  • The actual or dimensional combined weight of the animal and kennel/container, whichever is greater.

* For instructions on how to calculate dimensional weight, please consult our How To Calculate Dimensional Weight. (265 KB)

The following rates apply to any live animal that can travel in a rigid plastic kennel.

For animals that cannot travel in a rigid plastic kennel and for international rates, please contact your local Air Canada Cargo office or e-mail us at

Kennel Service Fees

Air Canada Cargo requires a comfort stop for cats and dogs under the following conditions:

  • If the animal's journey includes a connection time that is longer than 6 hours, whether the connection time is part of the itinerary or due to severe weather or other event beyond Air Canada Cargo's control.
  • If the animal is not retrieved from the destination after 4 hours

Under these circumstances, the animal will be sent to a kennel or veterinarian service and fees will apply.

  • All fees incurred due to an unplanned overnight kennel are assumed by the shipper. Air Canada Cargo provides no compensation.
  • The shipper and consignee are notified of the charges, which are added to the air waybill by the station where the overnight kenneling occurs.
  • All overnight charges are collected from the consignee at destination.

Other Charges

Other charges may apply if a live animal shipment is not retrieved within the tender and retrieval times specified for the destination.


  • Methods of Payment: Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express); debit cards (at stations equipped with point of sale machines). Please note that cash and cheques are not accepted as form of payment.
  • All payments for live animal shipments must be made at the time of tender at the origin station.
  • A live animal shipment can be sent collect if the shipper provides a valid Air Canada Cargo account number for the consignee.
  • Shipments of insects (such as live bees) and aquatic life forms (such as live tropical fish, coral), can be sent collect even if the consignee does not have an Air Canada Cargo account.