AC Live

Picking Up at Destination

The information in this section is for anyone retrieving an animal at destination.

Make sure to verify the arrival time of the flight before leaving to pick up the animal.

Animals must be retrieved from their destination within the time frame indicated below.

Species Within Canada and between Canada/US International
Dogs and Cats 2 hours after the flight Consult our tender/retrieval time table
All other animal 4 hours after the flight Consult our tender/retrieval time table

Live shipments not retrieved after 4 hours will be sent to a kennel or veterinarian service.

Where to Pick Up Your Animals

Animals travelling as cargo are retrieved at the dedicated Air Canada Cargo facility at the destination city, not the airport.
Confirm the address of the facility.

Customs Clearance

On US transborder and international flights, the arriving animal must clear customs. The Air Canada Cargo agent at the destination station will provide you with the documentation (supplied by the shipper) needed to clear customs. You will then need to present these documents at the local customs office. You can then retrieve the animal once it has cleared customs.