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Transport regulations

All documentation must satisfy all ports of entry. Shippers must have all documents prepared prior to acceptance.

International shipments

For specific import rules and regulations, as well as information on vaccination and documentation requirements when bringing animals into a particular country, always contact the embassy or consulate of your destination country.

  • You must obtain all required documents, such as government approved health certificates, prior to travel. To do so, contact the consulate or embassy of each country to or through which the animal will be travelling. This includes any in-transit country if your pet is making a connection.
    • Please note that local veterinary health certificates obtained from animal clinics are not sufficient to clear government veterinary inspections.
  • All animals are inspected by government veterinary officials upon landing in any country.
    • Example: If your pet is travelling to Paris via Frankfurt, it must clear animal inspection in Frankfurt before it is allowed to continue its journey to Paris. Upon arrival in Paris, it will be inspected a second time.
    • Veterinary inspection fees may be charged.

View a partial list of countries with restrictions on the entry of animals at