AC Live

Before the flight

Before you bring your animal to Air Canada Cargo, We recommend the following:

  • Read and complete the Live Animal Checklist. This can be done at the cargo station, but you will save time if you do it before you leave.
  • Check the weather for all the cities in the routing, including the departure city in case of heat or disruption due to weather. Contact the Air Canada Cargo facility at the city of origin if you have any doubts about whether your animal can travel.
  • Do not sedate your pet. Sedative drugs can be dangerous for your pet, as drugs act differently under different atmospheric pressures. Please consult your veterinarian for more information.

Where to bring your animal

Remember, if you have booked an animal to travel as cargo using AC Live, you must bring your animal to the dedicated Air Canada Cargo facility at your city of origin, not the airport. Confirm the address of the facility.

Make sure you have a confirmed reservation with Air Canada Cargo and that all other travel arrangements are made and confirmed prior to departure.

Animals Flying From Toronto Pearson International Airport: Animals must be brought to door 50 of the Air Canada Cargo terminal, at the very far right of building, past the main entrance.

When to bring your animal

Animals must be brought to Air Canada Cargo according to the times specified below.

Species Within Canada and between Canada/US International
Dogs and Cats 2 hours prior to flight Consult our tender/retrieval time table
All other animal 4 hours prior to flight Consult our tender/retrieval time table

To minimize the stress of travel on your pet, please do not bring your animal to the station much earlier than the specified tender time.

Travel Tips

  • Purchase the kennel in advance so as to allow your pet to become accustomed to it well before the flight.
  • The night before the flight, fill the kennel's water dispenser and freeze it. Re-install it the next day. The water will not spill and will slowly thaw and be cool by the time you get to airport.
  • Place a favorite toy or item in the kennel.
  • Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise, and feed it a light meal and water two hours before leaving home.