AC Cool Chain

Standard Time and Temperature Sensitive Label

Time and Temperature Sensitive adhesive labelThe Time and Temperature Sensitive adhesive label is a shipment label that must be affixed to all healthcare shipments booked as time and temperature sensitive cargo. The label is mandatory for all IATA member airlines effective July 1, 2012.

All Air Canada Cargo AC Pharmacair and AC Absolute° shipments must be identified with this label.

It is the responsibility of the shipper (or designated shipper's agent by service agreement) to ensure the label is properly applied and filled out on all time and temperature- sensitive healthcare cargo shipments booked as such.

The label can be purchased from IATA at The label size is 10cm x 10cm (4 x 4 in).

The label will help ensure:

  • Better identification for all temperature-sensitive healthcare cargo shipments
  • Faster supply chain transit handling
  • Reduced delays due to inaccurate or inconsistent handling information
  • Decreased risk of mishandling that may affect the quality of the healthcare product


Does Your Shipment Require This Label?

The Time and Temperature Sensitive label is required for temperature sensitive healthcare products that are booked and tendered using our AC Pharmacair and AC Absolute° solution.

It is not for use with shipments books as  AC General Cargo or any other AC Solution°.

Booking an AC Pharmacair or AC Absolute° healthcare shipment that is time and temperature sensitive?