AC Compassion

We're here to help, even at the worst of times…

After suffering a devastating loss, families can feel relief in knowing they are not alone to help them through the most difficult of times.

AC Compassion is a specialized and sensitive solution that provides dignified and caring assistance when it’s needed most. It is designed to transport human remains with the utmost dignity and care, and offers two options: cremated remains in urns or non-cremated remains in coffins.

Regardless of the options, AC Compassion is only offered as Priority1 service, which means that remains are loaded and unloaded off all aircraft with higher priority and with constant professionalism and respect.

AC Compassion is designed for the specialized shipment of:

Non-cremated remains

International shipments of non-cremated human remains must be placed in a hermetically sealed and metal-lined casket. The casket must be placed in an air tray. We accept human remains shipments in used air trays, except if death was caused by an infectious disease, or if the remains are in an advanced state of decomposition.

For domestic shipments, a casket containing human remains will be accepted when the outer container consists of one of the following:
  • Outside shipping box having six (6) handles;
  • Single-wall (double-faced) corrugated sheeting;
  • Soft-pack container (canvas, plastic or other fabric) or
  • Rigid tray-type container with protective cover.

Cremated remains

Cremated remains must be transported in funeral urns which are securely protected from damage by cushioned packaging.

When you choose AC Compassion, here's what you can expect:

  • Higher loading priority;
  • Handling of remains with dignity, care and respect;
  • Efficient transport and handling processes and
  • Specific tender and retrieval times.

Service levels:

Our Priority1 Service level is offered for our AC Compassion Solution:


Our premium Service level designed for time-sensitive shipments and/or shipments requiring some form of special handling.

When you need:

Contact your local Air Canada Cargo office for details.

Points to remember!

  • All shipments must have a confirmed booking and be ready for carriage prior to acceptance.
  • To make a booking, or for pricing information, please contact your local Air Canada Cargo office.
  • Air Canada provides reduced bereavement fares on selected routes for those who need to fly due to the death of an immediate family member.

Is AC Compassion not suitable for your shipment? Return to our Solutions page, or let us guide you on how best to ship your commodities.