Tender and Retrieval times

Tender & Retreival Times

Effective November 1, 2010

Tender Time(s): Tender cut-off time is the latest time a shipment can be ready for shipment and consigned to Air Canada Cargo in order for it to travel on a specific flight. The tender time is calculated by counting back from flight departure time.

Retrieval Time(s): Retrieval time represents the amount of time it takes to process a shipment and have it available for pick-up after the flight arrives at the final destination. Please note that storage charges will apply if a shipment is not collected within a reasonable delay. Please contact your local Air Canada Cargo office for more information.

First, select the origin and destination of your shipment. Then choose the service level and indicate if you are shipping using a container (ULD).


Tender Times
(from )

Retrieval Times
(to )


  1. Times may differ by station.
  2. AC Animals (Pets) applies only to household dogs and cats shipped within Canada and between Canada and the United States.
  3. For mail shipments, please contact your local Air Canada sales office.
  4. Shipments of very unusual shape or size may require additional time for loading. Please check with your local Air Canada office when booking.
  5. Due to operational and regulatory constraints, these tender and retrieval times do not apply in South and Central America or the Caribbean.
  6. Please contact your local station for tender and retrieval times for these regions.

* Subject to Dangerous Goods Inspection

** No single piece over 32 kg