Grenelle Law (France)

France's Grenelle Law requires transport companies to inform the beneficiaries of their services of the CO2 emissions related to the transportation of their goods. It applies to all transport services that originate or terminate at a French airport.

In accordance with the Grenelle Law, Air Canada Cargo is providing CO2 emissions information for select flights originating at a French airport. 

The CO2 emissions information provided by Air Canada Cargo represents an estimate and meant to be used for information purposes only.

About our data:

  • Flights are operated by Air Canada or Air Canada Express.
  • Flights shown are direct or include one stop with transit points in Montreal or Toronto; flights with multiple transit points are not shown.
  • Flights shown are one way.
  • Calculations are based on information from the online calculator of France's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC), as directed by Grenelle Law guidance material; Air Canada Cargo assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information or methodology used to estimate CO2 emissions.
  • Estimates are presented in kg of CO2 per kg of cargo.  For the CO2 emissions of a shipment, the weight of the shipment (in kg) must be multiplied with the corresponding factor shown in the table.
  • Estimates are for the air transport portion of the shipment from airport to airport and do not include any land transport.

For any questions on the application of the Grenelle Law with respect to Air Canada Cargo, please write to