GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Devices Approved for Carriage with Air Canada Cargo

Air Canada Cargo has approved several GPS tracking devices for use on our aircraft. The following devices are approved for carriage on all Air Canada Cargo shipments:

  • FedEx SenseAware 2000
  • OnAsset SENTRY 400 FlightSafe and SENTRY 500 FlightSafe
  • Key Seven EPS2 Microtracker
  • Sendum PT300 and PT300D

About GPS Tracking Devices

With real-time capabilities at all points in the supply-chain, GPS tracking devices provide stakeholders with critical data that enables them to intervene to reduce or eliminate loss related to the integrity of the cargo.

Each device has a different product offering, with some devices offering multiple sensors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, shock, location and vibration. Devices use multiple modes of sensing and proprietary logic to automatically turn off wireless transmitting radios in flight to ensure safe and regulatory compliant operation.

Using a GPS Tracking Device?

Any of the approved devices can be used when booking with Air Canada Cargo. When making a booking, simply follow the applicable steps:

  • Call center bookings: advise the Air Canada Cargo booking agent of the GPS device you are using
  • CPS bookings: enter “GPS present” in the booking remarks section
  • GF-X/ FFR bookings: enter “GPS present” in the OSI or SSR line of the booking message

All devices must be securely enclosed within the shipment.

Find Out More

To find out more about using a GPS tracking device with your Air Canada Cargo shipment, please contact your local representative.

For information about GPS devices, please contact the manufacturer directly.

The above-mentioned devices are accepted onboard Air Canada and Air Canada Express flights and are not approved for transport on interline routings with other air carriers. Air Canada will not be responsible for damage caused to (or loss of) GPS devices in transit.