Security Screening

As of December 31, 2012, all freight originating from Canada must be deemed secure according to the guidelines set by Transport Canada and the TSA.

Air carriers, freight forwarders, screening facilities, cargo handling agents, agents, warehouses, trucking companies, packing companies and shippers can register to become an Approved Participant, Registered Shipper or a CCFS (Certified Cargo Screening Facility). This will avoid possible delays and screening fees.

You can register online at Transport Canada or the Transport Security Administration (TSA).


The procedures are described below and apply equally to freight that is traveling on trucks to Canada for furtherance.

  • Prior to off-loading or accessing freight in the warehouse, ALL customers and drivers will be required to present themselves to a customer service agent
  • Approved Participants must tender with a completed Transport Canada Cargo security form with each MAWB.
  • Customer service agents will determine if screening is required or not, and give direction for off-load accordingly.
  • All freight will be off-loaded, weighed and dimensions will be taken.
  • Shipments that do not require carrier screening will be taken directly to sortation and build-up.
  • Shipments that require carrier screening will be screened prior to sortation and build-up.

Security Screening Fees

From Canada to Canada, from Canada to International, between Canada and the US

Between the US and Canada

Security Screening Requirements for Tel Aviv

Transport Canada requires that for flights departing from Canada to Israel, all shipments, including shipper loaded units, must be security screened, regardless of the security status of the shipper. Please be aware this may cause a delay. Effective December 31, 2012, security fees will apply regardless of shipper status.

Security Screening Requirements for the United States

Transport Canada requires that all shipments, including shipper loaded units, departing from Canada and destined to the United States be security screened, and must also have originated from a Registered Shipper. Some exceptions apply.

Security Screening Requirements for freight transiting London, UK, by air

The UK Department for Transport requires that all shipments transiting beyond LHR by air, including shipper loaded units, must be security screened at the piece level.  For this reason, shipper loaded units cannot be accepted for transit beyond LHR by air.