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While we always strive to deliver an exceptional shipping experience, it is important for our customers to understand the claims process and our service guarantees/refund policy – in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The rules governing air carriage are not particular to Air Canada Cargo – they apply to airlines throughout the world. All air carriage is subject to a contract between that is detailed on the Air Waybill and is referred to as the “Conditions of Contract”.

Who Can Make Claims

Generally, the right to make a claim is as follows:

  • The consignor has the right to claim against the first carrier.
  • The consignee has the right to claim against the final carrier.
  • Either the consignee or the consignor can claim against the carrier.
  • The consignee and the consignor have equal rights of claim but only one claim can be considered in relation to each contract of carriage as is evidenced by the Air Waybill.
  • The consignor or consignee named on the master Air Waybill is the only person entitled to claim.
  • The issuing agent acts only as the AGENT of the carrier and is NOT the person entitled to claim unless authorized to do so in writing by the consignee or consignor.
Time Limit for Making Claims

There are standard time limits for making air carriage claims. These time limits vary for domestic and international shipments. Please note that all outstanding transportation charges must first be paid before any claim can be considered.

  • Shipments within Canada
    A written intent to claim must be filed as follows:

    • Damage (by consignee only): Within 15 days of receiving goods.
    • Delay: Within 21 days of receiving goods.

    A formal claim must be filed within 120 days.

  • International shipments
    A written intent to claim must be filed as follows:

    • Damage (by consignee only): Within 14 days of receiving goods.
    • Delay: 21 days of receiving goods.
    • Loss: Within 120 days from the date of the air waybill.

    A formal claim must be filed within 2 years.

Process for Making a Claim

If you intend to submit a claim, please complete and submit the following form:

Email the completed form to

You will receive an automated response indicating that we have received your intent to claim. No further action is required until you proceed to make a formal claim within approved time limits.

To make a claim, you will need to use the appropriate claims form:

Complete the form in full and return it, along with any required support documents, as soon as possible to (please do not submit Intent to Claims to this email address) to ensure timely processing your claim. 

We do not sent confirmation emails once we receive a claim. Once a claims representative has opened your claim, you will be notified and kept up to date on subsequent claim milestones.

Support Documents

  • Proof of value: All claimants are under an obligation to mitigate their losses and provide documentary evidence in support of all amounts.

  • Air Waybill: Provide the original Air Waybill or a legible copy.

  • Shipper’s original invoice: Provide the original vendor’s invoice for the lost or damaged merchandise to indicate the value of the goods claimed.

  • Packing list: Provide the packing list indicating the quantity and weight of the items in each box. For personal effects shipments, the value of each item should also be listed.

  • Canada Customs Entry B3: If applicable.

  • Canada Customs Export Declaration (if applicable): Provide the Canada Customs B13A Export Declaration (original or copy) – including Proof of Reporting.

  • Claim notification details at destination: Include (where possible) the name of the airline representative to whom notice was given and whether or not an irregularity report was completed prior to removing the goods from the carrier’s possession. Include copies of the consignee’s notice of claim at destination.

  • Copy of claim submitted by ultimate consignee: Including all supporting evidence.

  • House Air Waybill: Include delivery record copy.

  • Subrogation receipt: Provide the statement of payee authorizing you to act on behalf of the shipper or consignee.

  • Repair or parts replacement bill: If the damaged goods are repairable, provide estimate or receipt from an established repair facility. For Personal Computers – The repair estimate must include:

    • Serial Number
    • Date of purchase/age of computer
    • Purchase cost – include purchase receipt
    • Value of computer on day of shipping
    • Comparable replacement value

  • Documents providing the extent of damage: For claims over $2,000, provide a survey report from a sworn surveyor.
  • Proceeds of salvage and/or an official destruction report: The salvage details should include the commercial invoice, presale agreements to support expected value (market price list) and copies of sales receipts showing that goods were sold at less than expected value.  Please note that a carrier is not liable for loss of profit.

Air Canada’s Liability
  • Shipments within Canada: $1.10 per kilo but not less than $50.00
  • International shipments: 22 Special Drawing Rights per kilo.

Note that Air Canada’s liability may be limited if the goods were not insured or if the shipper did not declare a value for carriage.

Completing Your Airway Bill
Completing Your Airway Bill
Everything you need to know about your AWB

Service Guarantees / Refund Policy

Service Guarantees

Priority1 Service: AC General Cargo, AC Cool Chain and AC DGR
The following service level guarantees are available on Priority1 service for the following solutions: AC General Cargo, AC Cool Chain (AC Absolute°, AC Pharmacair, AC Fresh) and AC DGR.

  • Within Canada and between Canada and the U.S.:
    In the event that your shipment does not travel on the originally booked flight, or is not available for retrieval within the committed time, all weight and valuation charges will be reduced to the AC General Cargo (Standard service level)*

  • International:
    In the event that your shipment does not travel on the originally booked flight, or is not available for retrieval within the committed time, you will be refunded 25% of all weight and valuation charges*.

Priority1 Service: AC Expedair
In the event that your shipment does not travel on the originally booked flight or is not available for retrieval as per the committed time, weight and valuation charges for each piece will be reduced to the AC General Cargo (Priority1 service level).

AC Mail: Contact your local Air Canada Cargo sales representative.


The guarantee will not be applicable if the failure to transport a shipment on a specific flight or road feeder service is caused by weather conditions, air traffic control, Acts of God, peril of the air, public enemies, quarantine, riots, strikes, civil commotion, etc., and as defined in Rule 170 of the Canadian Cargo International Rules and Rates and as defined in Rule G32 of the Airline Tariff Publishing Co.
Claims will be considered upon receipt of a written claim from the shipper or the consignee.

No Service Guarantees

No refund is applicable for failure to forward on the booked flight:

  • AC General Cargo (Standard service)
  • AC Pharmacair (Standard service)
  • AC DGR (Standard service)
  • AC Fresh (Standard service)
  • AC Compassion
  • AC Animals
  • AC Secure
Please contact your local Air Canada Cargo sales representative for more details.

Service Level Options
Service Level Options
Cost-effective and premium shipping levels available