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General Terms and Conditions

  • Credit card and/or debit payment is required with all new accounts.
  • An annual review of all Air Canada Cargo accounts is completed in January for the previous calendar year's activity to determine which accounts are still active and which are eligible to be converted to Credit Accounts.
  • If there is no activity on an account during 12 consecutive months, the account is cancelled without notice.
  • Due to TSA Regulations, all applications for new shipper accounts in the United States must be submitted to your local Air Canada Cargo Sales Representative as these account types cannot be processed directly from the Air Canada Cargo website.

Debit/Credit Card Accounts

  • An annual review of sales figures is completed in January for the previous calendar year's activity. Accounts that have not reached CAD $4,000 in annual sales during the previous calendar year will be confirmed as debit/credit card accounts.

Credit Accounts

  • Eligibility: Credit is available only:
    • To customers residing in North and South America.
    • For accounts that reach CAD $4,000 in annual sales for Air Canada Cargo ("Revenue") in the same year (freight and surcharges included).
    • Eligible accounts are converted to Credit accounts only upon request by the customer.
  • Payment: Invoices are sent weekly and are payable in full within 30 days.
  • Maximum credit: The maximum credit extended to a customer on an Air Canada Cargo account shall be CDN$3,000.
  • Interest: An interest rate of 18% per annum (1.5% monthly) will be assessed on all overdue accounts.
  • Discrepancies: Any discrepancy in billing must be reported within 30 days of receipt of invoice by contacting Air Canada's Cargo Winnipeg Accounting Office at: Air Canada Cargo, Box 966 Winnipeg, MB R3C 2V6
  • Address changes: All address changes must be reported directly to Air Canada's Cargo Winnipeg Accounting Office at: Air Canada Cargo, Box 966 Winnipeg, MB R3C 2V6
  • Termination or refusal: Air Canada and its affiliates have the right to refuse or terminate forthwith any credit account or this Agreement, at any time, for any or no reason, without notice.

Sample Invoices, Statements and Reports

To apply for credit, download our convenient Credit Application Form(.pdf) and send it to Air Canada Cargo:


  • Mail:  
    Air Canada Cargo
    Box 966 Winnipeg, MB
    R3C 2V6

It can take up to 10 business days to create new accounts at which point you will be contacted by our Accounting department to explain important information.

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Contact Us
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Cargo Portal Services

Cargo Portal Services (CPS) offers a self-service booking tool, rate estimation, House Air Waybill entry and tracking services. Designed initially for forwarders and commercial shippers, CPS now offers a fast and efficient online experience for all shippers looking for online tools and service.

Please visit the Cargo Portal Services website to access your existing CPS profile or to register for one.

You must have an set up with Air Canada Cargo to use CPS.

Cargo Portal Services Quick Reference Guide
Cargo Portal Services Quick Reference Guide
A guide to Cargo Portal Services
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