Notification Services

We strive to deliver the most accurate and reliable information to you. With our Cargo Notification services, we will be able to keep you updated about the details of your shipment, wherever you may be.

Cargo Notification

Register for our Cargo Notification service to receive shipment status updates as they occur. The following Cargo Notifications can be sent:
  • Shipment is booked;
  • Shipment has been received by Air Canada;
  • Shipment has been manifested on a flight;
  • Shipment has departed on a flight;
  • Shipment has been checked-in from a flight;
  • Consignee has been notified of shipment arrival and
  • Shipment has been delivered.

Notifications can be selected from Air Canada Cargo’s mobile App for iPhone or BlackBerry or from the mobile website at and sent directly to your text-messaging-enabled phone or your e-mail address.

Overview of the product

  • Notifications apply only to shipments traveling on Air Canada and Jazz flights (domestic, transborder and international).
  • You can sign up for a Cargo Notification for existing Air Waybills and even add multiple contact points to each notification.
  • Notifications are sent as soon as the Air Waybill status is updated.

We will do everything possible to ensure that we provide the most accurate cargo and schedule information at all times. However, Air Canada Cargo is not liable for non-delivery of messages and cannot guarantee the timeliness or reliability of SMS message receipt.