m.aircanadacargo.com is your portal to Air Canada Cargo's mobile world! All of our Mobile Services are available at your fingertips when you access m.aircanadacargo.com with your Internet-enabled mobile device.

How can I access m.aircanada.com?

Simply type m.aircanadacargo.com in your Internet-enabled mobile device's Web browser.

TIP: For future access, we recommend that you bookmark m.aircanadacargo.com directly on your mobile device. As each device is different, please consult your device's documentation or contact your wireless carrier for assistance in setting up bookmarks.

What type of device can I use to access m.aircanadacargo.com?

You can access m.aircanadacargo.com from most mobile devices that have an internet browser and internet capabilities. These capabilities are provided through your wireless provider and may cost extra. Please consult your mobile device manual and your wireless service provider for more details.

m.aircanadacargo.com Services

You can access the following services on your Internet-enabled mobile phone at m.aircanadacargo.com:
  • My Cargo

    • This feature displays pertinent information for all your packages including:
      • Air waybill number
      • Origin
      • Destination
      • Total number of pieces
      • Total weight
      • Current shipment status
  • Track Cargo

    Track Cargo enables you to view air waybill information at a glance when you don't have the time and view detailed information when you do. Track your cargo by air waybill number and have the ability to add your shipments to My Cargo and add Cargo Notifications.
  • Flight Schedule

    View a comprehensive schedule of Air Canada Cargo's global network. Here you can quickly get the schedule for a specific routing on a specific date. By collaborating with our interline partners, we can move your shipments to almost anywhere.
  • More shipment details are just a click away

    By selecting one of your shipments you can access more detailed information including booking information and shipment status history. You also have the ability to select Cargo Notifications which will alert you when your cargo reaches a specific status.
  • Stay in touch with Cargo Notifications

    Know what's happening with your shipment. Customizable notifications enable you to know what's happening with your cargo as its occurring. Subscribe to notifications which can be sent directly to your text-messaging-enabled phone or to your e-mail address.
    Learn more about Cargo Notifications
  • My Messages

    View all your messages on your mobile devices through the My Messages notification inbox. Using the Air Canada mobile+ account you can receive and view all Air Canada Cargo notifications as well as any other messages linked to your account including Air Canada Flight Notifications.
    Lean more about My Messages