Air Canada
BlackBerry App

Air Canada introduces a new application, specifically designed for BlackBerry users which makes tracking your shipments easier than ever!


  • My Cargo: Track all your cargo traveling on Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz flights from a single location.
  • Cargo Schedule: Find flight and truck schedules from origin to destination for your cargo.
  • Cargo Notifications: Subscribe to receive cargo notifications directly to your text enabled mobile device or email.
  • Track Cargo: Track cargo traveling on Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz flights.
  • My Flights: Track all your Air Canada flights from a single location.
  • My Messages: My Messages is the link between you and Air Canada Cargo while you’re on the go. You’ll receive all your Air Canada messages in one inbox.
  • Find Flight: Find any Air Canada or Jazz operated flight.

How can I download the App?

Click the image below to visit BlackBerry App World and download the Air Canada BlackBerry App.

Itunes App Store

Which BlackBerry models are compatible?

The following models installed with BlackBerry OS v4.2 or higher are supported:
  • Pearl (8100 / 8110 / 8120 / 8130)
  • Pearl Flip (8220 / 8230)
  • Curve (8300 / 8310 / 8320 / 8330 / 8330m / 8350i / 8520 / 8530 / 8900)
  • World Edition (8800 / 8820 / 8830)
  • Tour (9630)
  • Bold (9000)
  • Bold 2 (9700)
  • Storm (9500 / 9530)
  • Storm 2 (9520 / 9550)

The Air Canada Web Signals Service for BlackBerry

The new Air Canada Web Signals service allows BlackBerry users to receive Air Canada information right on their mobile device's home screen via the Web Signals logo.

What is the Air Canada Web Signals service?

Air Canada Web Signals consists of a logo that links directly to the My Messages service. Learn more about My Messages.

When can I receive Web Signals?

When you register for Cargo Notifications

Note: The Web Signals logo changes color when you have an incoming message.

(No new messages)

(New incoming message)

How do I register for Web Signals?

You can register for Web Signals during a Web Check-in or Mobile Check-in session:
  1. On the "Boarding Pass" option page, select the Web Signals option.
  2. Enter your BlackBerry e-mail address and click "Continue".
  3. Because you are not yet registered for Web Signals, the system displays a message with instructions and sends you a registration e-mail.
  4. Complete your check-in by using one of the other available options (e.g. e-mail, text message, regular boarding pass).
  5. Once your check-in is complete, open the Web Signals registration email (from "Air Canada Web Signals Registration").
  6. Click on the link located on the Web Signals email.
  7. Accept the terms of the license agreement and follow the instructions to register.
  8. Upon successful registration, you will be able to use the Web Signals option the next time you do a Web or Mobile check-in.
Note: in the near future, you will be able to register for Web Signals directly from this page and on