IATA Multilateral e-AWB Agreement

IATA has established a Multilateral e-AWB Agreement that enables carriers and freight forwarders to sign once with IATA and in effect, enter into e-AWB agreements with all other parties. No need to sign hundreds of individual contracts. No need for lengthy or costly legal discussions.

IATA’s Multilateral e-AWB agreement is based on the conditions that govern International carriage of freight and are identical to the conditions of contract which appear on the reverse side of our International paper air waybills. Here’s a link to an easy-to-understand description of the IATA Multilateral agreement.

IATA will maintain and update the list of carriers and freight forwarders participating in the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement and make the list available to the industry.

  • You can download a copy of the agreement and instructions on how to proceed on the IATA website.

e-AWB becomes “live” at an airport only when Air Canada Cargo and yourself mutually agree that all is technically and operationally ready to do so and upon Air Canada Cargo sending you an “Activation Notice”.

Should you have any questions related to the agreement, please contact our Manager, e-Business Processes (karen.jones@aircanada.ca or 905 694 5330) or your local Air Canada Cargo Sales Manager.