The information on this page is intended for travel agents who wish to select seats on behalf of their clients.

If you are not a travel agent and are looking for information on how to select a seat online for your next Air Canada or Jazz flight, please go to our online advance seat selection page.

Air Canada offers advanced seat selection on all flights. Seats may be pre-reserved up to 2 hours before departure. Note that a certain number of seats are held for airport check-in only, therefore if may not always be possible to offer seat selection if the advance seat allotment is full.

Tango Paid Seat Selection

Advance seat selection is optional when booking Tango fares within North America (booked in R-K-N-G-P-E-T class). The amount charged is in local currency as per the call centre collecting the fee regardless of the itinerary or ticket currency and fees are assessed by flight segment*.

Tango – within Canada or between Canada and the U.S.

  • $10 to $40 per one-way flight segment*

Tango – all other itineraries

  • Complimentary

Business Class, Latitude, Flex – all itineraries

  • Complimentary

* Flight segments are identified by a change in flight number, with each new flight number representing a flight segment.

Tango paid seat selection is only available when booking directly at All passengers including those booked on Tango fares can use web check-in and select their seat up to 12 hours before departure. Click here for more information on Air Canada’s web check-in.

You can view Air Canada seat maps in your GDS either from a booked segment or by flight number. The location of washrooms, galleys, and exits are identified on our seat map displays. As well, a legend at the bottom of each display describes the various seat characteristics.

By Segment 1

Apollo 9V/S1
Galileo SA*S1
Amadeus SM1
Sabre 4G1
Worldspan 41*

By flight number

Galileo n/a
Amadeus 1ACSM404/Y/15JUNYYZYUL
Worldspan 4AC404Y15JUNYYZYUL-AC

Certain seats have been designated for passengers with special needs such as liftable armrests, etc. More information on passengers with special needs.