Air Canada's Privacy Protection Policy

Air Canada is committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. 

This privacy policy describes how we collect, use and disclose personal information, as well as your rights over that information.

Our Principal Privacy Officer is responsible for overseeing what we do with your information and for monitoring compliance with this policy and data protection laws. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or practices, you can contact Air Canada’s Privacy Office by email, mail, phone or facsimile: 

Air Canada Privacy Office

Air Canada Centre
ZIP YUL 1276
7373 Côte-Vertu West
St. Laurent, Quebec H4Y 1H4
Telephone: (514) 422-6020
Facsimile: (514) 422-2641

Please also note that if you make your booking through the Air Canada Corporate Rewards loyalty program that your employer, travel arranger, and other parties may be able to access certain information with respect to your bookings and make changes thereto. For more information on the Air Canada Corporate Rewards loyalty program, please consult the Air Canada Corporate Rewards Questions and Answers.


The Aeroplan Program allows members to earn Aeroplan Miles through the purchase of products and services from Aeroplan's partners, including Air Canada, and redeem Aeroplan Miles for a variety of travel, merchandise, gift cards, and other products or services offered by Aeroplan partners.

This program allows us to develop and recommend products and services based on an understanding of your interests and needs.  Air Canada and Aeroplan exchange certain information in order to ensure that your Aeroplan account is maintained, that miles are credited and debited correctly, and that promotional offers are tailored based on an understanding of your interests and needs. The information exchanged is limited to that which is required to fulfill the purposes. In addition, being an Aeroplan member makes it easier for you to book a flight. When you call Air Canada reservations and give your Aeroplan number, we can automatically transfer the information required to hold a flight booking from your Aeroplan account. Also, when you are on the website, some data fields are pre-filled so that you do not need to provide the same information multiple times.  Information such as your seating preference and choice of meal can be kept on your Aeroplan profile.

You can use the same login credentials for most Air Canada and Aeroplan websites and apps, including Air Canada Vacations. This is for your convenience and the security of these credentials.  This enables you to access and make changes to your personal information from these websites and apps.

Complete details on the Aeroplan Program are available at