Quenching golfers’ thirst for a good cause

Quenching golfers’ thirst for a good cause at the Air Canada Foundation Golf Tournament

July 2019

In early July, hundreds of avid golfers gathered at the Saint-Raphaël Golf Club in Montreal for the eighth annual Air Canada Foundation Golf Tournament, which raised a record-breaking amount of $1.2 million this year.

The most popular stop on that hot summer day was the lemonade stand, made ever-more popular with guests Kaleb, 11, and Stone, 8, who succeeded in convincing the participants to donate as much money as they could. Not shy about asking the participants, hot from the 30 degree sun, for five dollars each to be sprayed with water or to entice thirsty golfers to outbid one another for a glass of lemonade during impromptu bidding wars, Kaleb and Stone made their impact.

And they were definitely convincing: Their stellar sales pitch helped the Foundation collect $15,680 from lemonade alone! Another record-breaking amount to support the organizations that help children in need.

Kaleb was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta (fragile bone disease). He is fortunate to receive intravenous therapy and state-of-the-art orthopedic monitoring thanks to the expertise developed at Shriners Hospital for Children in Montreal. Kaleb is a young boy with a contagious sense of humour and endless dreams!

Born premature, Stone spent the first month of his life in the hospital. He was having extreme pain in his stomach after leaving the hospital and was diagnosed after that with Hirschsprung's Disease, a congenital disorder of the colon. Stone was granted his wish to go to Disney World in August 2017 thanks to Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada and the support of the Air Canada Foundation.

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