Letter from Calin Rovinescu, President and CEO: Shaping Up

Listen: Calin Rovinescu Talks Leadership on Speaking of Business podcast

July 2019

Calin Rovinescu, President and CEO at Air Canada, was a guest on the Speaking of Business podcast hosted by Goldy Hyer, President of the Business Council of Canada (BCC).

With no topic too large or small, Mr. Rovinescu discusses defining moments in his personal and professional life, as well as influences on his leadership style, views of Canada and keys to success.

Five key takeaways include:

  • Creating long term sustainability requires adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, being nimble and innovative, and having a willingness to disrupt the status quo and transformation.
  • Setting ambitious goals, taking calculated risks without compromising cornerstone values, not being stalled in “paralysis by analysis”, and having the courage to be audacious and act are fundamental success drivers.
  • Fostering a culture that encourages creativeness, teamwork, empowerment, challenging the status quo, thinking outside the box, having effective communication, and just doing it all become catalysts for change, and culture in turn becomes a competitive advantage.
  • Leadership strength involves empowering others, developing priorities that are simple to understand, making sure your organization down to the front line know what those corporate priorities and strategies are, and taking on the role of “chief cheerleading officer”.
  • Staying fit keeps the brain functioning well. It is possible to have a work-life balance by organizing yourself to have both.

Listen to this insightful and inspiring podcast hosted by BCC President and CEO Goldy Hyder.

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