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Sponsorships and Community Investments

Air Canada uses multiple channels to engage with communities. Kindly select the online application form that better suits the nature of your request.

Air Canada Foundation

You are a Canadian charitable organization and your mandate is aligned with the Air Canada Foundation’s mission.

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Corporate Sponsorships

Your opportunity offers integrated tangible benefits including branded visible assets, marketing or hosting opportunities and includes a sound evaluative framework to measure and track success, while offering exclusivity in the airline and vacation package category. It also needs to offer opportunities to help engage customers, incremental sales opportunities, enhance relationships and deliver higher retention and loyalty, or presents opportunities to communicate new products and services to our customers.

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Community Relations and Partnerships

Your opportunity brings communities together through the celebration of one of Air Canada's core Canadian values and beliefs: official languages, Canada’s First Nations, diversity and inclusion, equity and leadership, peace and social justice, regional and international economic growth, other community projects. 

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Excess Baggage

You are traveling with Air Canada and would like to bring humanitarian goods exceeding the free baggage allowance.

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Transportation of Cargo

You are a registered charitable organization looking to transport relief supplies or other materials related to your activities.

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