Travelling with Oxygen

On the vast majority of our flights (see exceptions below), there are two options available to you if you require the use of medical oxygen while travelling. You may:


  • The Medipak service is not available on Beechcraft 1900D (BEH) aircraft operated by Exploits Valley Air.
  • If you’re travelling with one of codeshare partners, visit their website to learn about their special service policies.

Canned oxygen

Canned oxygen (also known as recreational or flavoured oxygen) is not accepted in checked or carry-on baggage.

Regardless of whether you choose to bring your own POC or purchase Air Canada’s oxygen Medipak service, you will need to:

* Air Canada will make a reasonable effort to accommodate requests made within 48 hours. 48 hour advance notice applies also to itineraries between Canada and the United States. 72 hours advance notice is required for certain destinations.

Air Canada's Medipak oxygen fee structure applies to international flights and flights between Canada and the U.S. Fees vary between $220 CAD and $1070 CAD, and are based on flow rate, flight duration and the number of eligible segments in your itinerary. Please call the Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk for details.

Retroactive to June 27, 2009, and for domestic itineraries only (flights originating and terminating within Canada), Air Canada will reimburse certain customers for the oxygen they require for the on-the-ground portion of their itinerary. The portion eligible for a refund includes three hours of oxygen and time between connections.


To be eligible for a refund, your oxygen supply:

  • Must have been used for a flight originating and terminating within Canada;
  • Must not be covered by an insurance carrier, an employer or a provincial health plan;
  • Must have been indicated on the Air Canada Fitness for Travel FormOpen PDF file (FFT) by your physician and verified by Air Canada's Occupational Health Department.

To Request a Refund:

Simply send the following information by mail or fax to the address or fax number listed below, within 3 months of completing your travel:

  • A copy of the receipt for the oxygen supply you purchased for travel
  • Your full name as it appears on your booking
  • Your booking reference number
  • Your flight number(s) and date(s) of travel

Your refund will be issued by cheque and will be sent to the mailing address you provide. Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for your request to be processed.


Air Canada Customer Relations

Subject: Ground Oxygen Refund
P.O. Box 64239
R.P.O. Thorncliffe
Calgary, Alberta
T2K 6J7