Customers with special needs
Wheelchair and mobility aid assistance

Advance notice and check-in

View advance notice and check-in requirements for itineraries between Canada and the US.

For all other itineraries, and because of the special handling requirements that apply to battery-powered mobility aids, we ask that you:

  • inform Air Canada Reservations 48 hours in advance of travel that you wish to transport such equipment (72 hours for certain destinations). However, we will make every effort to accommodate requests made within that time frame.
  • check in at least 60 minutes in advance of the recommended check-in time for your flight to ensure sufficient time for special handling and packaging.

Travelling with your own wheelchair or other mobility aid

Air Canada will carry the following mobility aids as carry-on (subject to space availability) or checked baggage over and above normal baggage allowance without charge:

Air Canada will also:

  • When possible, arrange for the use of your own wheelchair or other mobility aid until boarding, and for its delivery to you at the gate upon arrival;
  • When required, disassemble your wheelchair or other mobility aid and/or batteries, then unpack the batteries and reassemble your mobility aid upon arrival.
  • Stow your small mobility or other aid in the cabin;
  • Assist in transferring you between your wheelchair or other mobility aid and the aircraft seat;
  • Assist you in moving to and from the aircraft washroom (except by carrying) with the use of the on-board wheelchair;
  • Arrange for alternate transportation for your large mobility aid when travelling on an aircraft with less than 60 seats that cannot accommodate the aid

Baggage identification tags are supplied to all our customers at check-in counters and we ask that you use them to identify your baggage and any equipment, including a wheelchair. A specially-designed tag for wheelchairs alerts our customer service agents whether your chair must be delivered to the aircraft door or the baggage room.

Assistance within the airport

Passenger access lifts are available at certain airports to allow customers in wheelchairs to safely board smaller connector aircraft.

If you are unable to ascend or descend stairs or are unable to walk long distances within the airport, Air Canada will, upon request, provide wheelchair assistance to and from the door of the aircraft throughout your journey.

Assistance within the airport includes stopping at the washroom entrance. No assistance is provided within the washroom; passengers needing assistance past the washroom entrance may need to be accompanied by their own attendant.

Wheelchairs on board the plane

Although washrooms on most aircraft are fully accessible to passengers using the on-board wheelchair, please note that not all Jazz and Tier 3 carrier aircraft have an on-board wheelchair able to access the plane's washrooms. If this is an important consideration for you, please contact Air Canada Reservations and ask for the Medical Assistance Desk to make the necessary arrangements for your flight.

View our Fleet page for more information on Air Canada and Jazz aircraft configuration.