Customers with special needsVisually and/or hearing impaired customers

If you are visually impaired, our cabin crew will provide you with special attention, even if you are accompanied by an attendant and/or a service animal. Our crew will:

If you are visually impaired and travelling with a service animal such as a seeing-eye dog, you may be seated in an International Business Class provided the animal travels under the Suite's footstool and/or seat at all times.

Visually and hearing impaired customers

Specific requirements apply to itineraries between Canada and the United States.

For all other itineraries, you must travel with an attendant if you are affected by both severe hearing and severe vision impairments that you cannot establish adequate means of communication with onboard personnel to allow for the transmission of the required safety briefing and to enable you to assist in your own evacuation of the aircraft in case of an emergency.

However if you have both a hearing and vision impairment with only residual hearing or vision and wish to travel without an attendant, medical approval is required.

For more information, contact Air Canada Reservations.

Safety briefing in alternate format

In addition to an individual safety briefing provided by a crew member prior to flight departure, flight attendants on all aircraft will also offer Braille and large print safety cards for passengers who are blind or have a visual impairment.

New Accessible In-Flight Entertainment System

All Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft are equipped with an accessible in-flight entertainment system.

In 2015, Air Canada began retrofitting its existing Boeing B-777 fleet with the newly adapted Panasonic IFE system. The retrofit is now complete and will also be available on new Boeing B-777 aircraft on order.

Tactile Audio Selection Templates

Tactile audio selection templates are available on all other Air Canada and Jazz flights that have flight entertainment systems (except our Embraer aircraft). They are designed to assist visually impaired customers who wish to use the in-flight audio entertainment system. You may request your template on board.

Telecommunications devices for the deaf - Reservations

If you have a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf and you are in Canada or the United States, call 1-800-361-8071 toll free.

If you are a passenger with special needs and you plan on travelling in an International Business Class, please contact Air Canada Reservations whenever booking travel for full information on safety precautions.

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