Customers with special needsTravel with an attendant

You will need to travel with an attendant if you are not self-reliant and are severely physically disabled (e.g. paraplegic or quadriplegic) so as to require assistance in getting in and out of your seat.

You and your attendant will be seated together. You may not sit in different cabins and, for safety reasons, cannot be seated in an exit row.

Travel within Canada

Eligible flights

An attendant may travel with you at no charge if you are travelling only within Canada on:

Please note that all applicable taxes remain payable, except the Gander Airport Authority's Improvement fee.

How to book

Here’s what you need to do to book travel for yourself and for your attendant:

Travel to or from the U.S.

View specific information for travel with a safety assistant on itineraries between Canada and the U.S.

International travel

If you are not self-reliant and need to travel with an attendant on an international flight, you must:

Aeroplan bookings

If you are travelling on an Aeroplan booking, contact AeroplanLink opens in new window directly to book your attendant's flight, and then, if medical approval is required, call the Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk (see contact information at the bottom of this page).

Advance seat selection

Advance seat selection is not permitted when travelling with an attendant. Seats are assigned manually in advance of your flight by the Air Canada Medical Services desk with the purpose of accommodating your special needs.

Changing your choice of attendant

Should your choice of attendant change prior to travel, Air Canada will accommodate this change free of charge with 48 hours advance notice.

We will, however, make a reasonable effort to accommodate changes made within this time frame. Certain conditions may apply.

Please call Air Canada Reservations for more information.

Travel in Business Class with Executive or Classic Pod seats

Because of the unique configuration of Business Class Executive Pod and Classic Pod seats, prior authorization must be obtained from the Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk if you are planning to travel in Business Class, and you are not self-reliant and severely physically disabled (paraplegic or quadriplegic) so as to require an attendant to assist in getting in and out of your seat.

The transfer from the wheelchair to the Executive Pod or Classic Pod seat may be done with the assistance of your attendant, or by two Air Canada agents. In all cases, your attendant must be able to assist with your personal needs onboard, and help you in or out of your seat to an exit in the event of an emergency situation or an evacuation.

How may I contact the Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk?

1-800-667-4732 (Toll-free between Canada and the United States.)
1-514-369-7039 (long distance charges apply)

Hours of operation (ET):

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