Meetings and conventions

Frequently Asked Questions

With Air Canada's Meetings and Conventions program, you can benefit from discount for travel throughout the network. Once you have registered your convention, or meeting at, Air Canada will issue a contract and provide you with a unique Promotional Code (PC) that will identify your event and applicable discount.

What is the minimum number of delegates required to qualify for Meetings/Conventions discounts?
A minimum of 10 delegates is required per event.
Can multiple events for a company be combined to reach the minimum of 10 delegates?
What happens if the minimum requirement of 10 delegates is not met?
The full fare will apply.
How long is the contract valid for?
The contract is valid for the event dates registered. Delegates can travel 7 days prior to the event and up to 7 days after.
Can Meetings/Conventions be registered and booked outside North America?
How will I receive the Promotion Code?
The PC will be sent to the email address entered on the ‘Event Registration' page.
How will the traveling delegate know their Promotion Code?
It is up to the Organization and/or Meeting Planner/Agency to distribute the PC# to their delegates.
Do discounts apply on code share flights?
Yes, on Air Canada 4 digit flights operated by Air Canada regional partners and Star Alliance carriers (e.g. AC* operated by UA).
Is it necessary for a delegate to be an Aeroplan member?
No, the delegate can sign in at as a guest.
Can changes or cancellations to Meetings/Conventions bookings be made online?
Are all itinerary types permitted?
No, Open Jaw, Circle Trip, Multi City, and Interline Space are not permitted.
How will I be notified in the event of a schedule change?
The delegate will be notified of the schedule change via email.
Can a report be sent to the Organization and/or Meeting Planner/Agency with the number of bookings made?
Yes. Upon request at; Please include the Event name, date, destination and the PC number.
If the web is down, will the Meetings/Conventions Desk make reservations and provide delegates with the discounted fares?
No, delegates will have to try again later.
Who can I contact for support?

For technical assistance from Canada and the US, contact the Technical Support Desk at 1-888-247-2262 (toll free, 24 hours a day).

For questions about the bookings, contact the Meetings/Conventions desk at 1-800-361-7585 (toll free, 8am to 8pm daily).