March 2007

Shop Vancouver: His/Hers/Home


Every city has its holy trinity of shopping, and Vancouver is no exception. For the ultimate shopping date, follow the His/Hers/Home triad of this fashion-forward city.


Right about the same time good manners hit the What's Hot lists, so did dressing like a gentleman. Take a stroll (as the gentle sirs are want to do) down Main Street, where the selection will make you wonder why you never realized the sweater vest is actually cool.

Pioneer to the Main Street scene, Eugene Choo offers a solid mix of local designers with international heavies. Of the moment are labels like American classic Pendleton (tradition-steeped navy and green tartan prints), Vancouver-based luminaries Uppercut (check out their shrunken pea coat and woolen cargo slacks) and 1950s-inspired Lifetime Collective.

Head further north on Main, and you'll meet the perfect couple: Jonathan+Olivia. A variety of Acne jeans and Cheap Mondays means you may actually don a pair of skinnies yourself. The Oliver Spence tweed field coat and accessories by Surface to Air (like brass knuckle-inspired steel rings and link chains sporting keys, swords and scissors) are just too cool to pass up.

Eugene Choo, 3683 Main St., 604-873-8874

Jonathan+Olivia, 2570 Main St., 604-637-6224


Misch and One of a Few – two separate shops, one similar mandate: to stock a truly tight run of sizes and pieces. Which means, when you're asked, “Where'd you get it?” you won't bat an eye over giving up either name.

Misch is for classic girls who still yearn for statement pieces. With neutral palettes and quality fabrics, the designer detailing hits the extra notes. Roberto Collina's soft grey sweater vest covers a gauzy layer of polka dots and puff sleeves. Or maybe New York-based Gary Graham's layers of light, multitextured shards of gauze, silk, sequin and lace fit your esthetic.

One is definitely not the loneliest number when it comes to fashion. A trip to the aptly named One of a Few proves it; you'll walk out with a trend piece that's all your own. House line Nine (among others), co-designed by owner Michelle Rizzardo and Dace Moore (of her own sweetie pie line Dace), limits its run to three or four new pieces a month.

Misch, 2960 Granville St., 604-731-1017

One of a Few, 354 Water St., 604-605-0685


Whether you are design literate or not, shopping where the designers and decorators shop can only lead to good things. These two spots will suit your fancy for furniture, lighting and accessories.

Living Space resides just off Main, in all its 10,000-square-foot glory. With the focus on Italian, French, Spanish and German design, you'll pick up treats like the latest multicoloured paniers from Kartell. Look over to your left, and you'll spot the Log side chair by Artelano.

The vintage/modern collection of furniture and home accessories at The Cross is ideal for anyone with Provencal to eclectic tastes. The bold print wallpapers, the New Canadiana carved or cast antlers and deer heads and the clean lines of glass tabletops are only the beginning of where your fancy can take flight.

Living Space, 188 Kingsway, 604-683-1116

The Cross, 1198 Homer St., 604-689-2900

(Luisa Rino is a Vancouver-based fashion stylist who shops till she drops almost every other day.)

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